Static ovens

Static ovens

The Mod. "FS" and "P" ovens are the result of in-depth study and more than ten years experience. They have been made for use in small and medium size production units and despite their constructional simplycity maintain such features as:

  • Optimisation of consumption
  • Homogeneity of temperature
  • Safety at work
  • Reduce heat loss
  • Noise level kept within legal limits
  • Perfect polymerisation of both liquid and powder paints

Up to now the prerogative of Systems made for large production units.

The "FS" and "P" range of ovens is made exclusively with quality materials; the main feature are:


  • panels in Azulink or stainless steel (depending on the model)
  • Balsalt mineral wool insulation - density 100
  • Electric heat exchangers with finned heater for high temperatures
  • LPG - natural gas - diesel exchangers made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel with heat exchange not exceeding 10.000 Kcal per sq.m
  • Doors with seals in special plastic for high temperature (+ 220° C)
  • Ant panic/explosion-proof door closing system
  • digital temperature control thermoregulator with 3 positions and autotuning
  • exchanger overheating safety thermostat
  • Air recirculating fan in special version with sparkproof devices (in 200°C ovens the fan and return trasmission )
  • indipendent air change regulation
  • timer for setting cycle time
  • end -of -cicle
  • recirculating air filtering system