Spray washing systems TL

Spray washing systems TL

Spray washing was considered until recently the most traditional washing system, but is commonly held to be a space-consuming, relatively poor quality system.

Application of the latest innovative technologies have enabled us to produce smaller spray washing systems with excellent results even on particularly difficult pieces.

The use of :

  • centering devices
  • high pressure well aimed jets (up to 40 atm.)
  • muffled blower systems
  • loading and unloading manipulators
  • perforating, countersinking units, etc. applied on the actual washing conveyor
  • accumulation systems

means that washing operations (inter stage or final) in the cycle may be carried out in relation to the production thereby reaching levels of automation which are unthinkable in other systems.

All our spray systems are made exclusively with quality materials; their main features are:
  • Reduces noise level within the limits laid down by the laws in force
  • Personalised design, taking into account the individual problems of overall size, productivity and automation
  • Safety at work to accident prevention and anti-pollution laws in force
  • Consumption optimisation
  • Homogeneity of washing results, thanks to innovative purification, backwashing and closed-circuit filtering systems which can be applied direct to the machine.

The most sophisticated systems allow:

  • waste residues to be drastically reduced
  • very pure rinsing water to be obtained with excellent final washing results

    Drying with specially studied systems according to the characteristics of the materials to be treated; our standard production includes the following types of drying:

    • with hot air and recirculation
    • with forced cold air (push-pull system)
    • at low temperature with humidity condensation