Water ís treatment systems

Water ís treatment systems

The experience acquired and the continuous research of new solutions respecting the environment reducing consumes , allow us to provide all our systems with traditional chemical-physical depuration systems together with innovative closed circuit depuration systems.

What does “ closed circuit ” mean?

The possibility to reuse the purified water , with minimum consume and environmental impact.

  • Up to a 99% per cent of water consume reduction
  • Respect for the most restrictive antipollution rules
  • Rinse’s results comparables to the most efficient water to lose executed rinses
  • Cheapness of Management
  • Simplicity of use

Our production includes:

  • Ultrafiltration plants
  • Vacuum concentrators
  • Coalescing oil separators
  • Coalescing disc
  • Coalescing tape
  • Decanters
  • Demineralisers groups
  • Active carbon filtration groups
  • Recirculation and filter systems
  • In continuous Chip removers
  • Collection wells
  • Reverse osmosis groups
  • Ultrapure water groups