Monochamber vacuum washing machines Mod. NYX

Monochamber vacuum washing machines Mod. NYX

Monochamber vacuum washing machines Mod. NYX: high quality cleaning in full compliance with environment protections rules.

Functioning with modified alcohols and class AIII hydrocarbons

- Machines with two washing sections, boiler and stripper.
- No special permit required.
- High quality cleaning and effective in removing soil from complex-shaped components with blind and/or capillary holes.
- Reduced footprint.
- Possibility of choice between several optional systems (Protective application, automated baskets loading/unloading, ultrasounds …).
- Low economic impact.
- Compliance with the most stringent safety and environment protection regulations.

These machines, entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, can perform several type of processes, ensuring an economic management.

Ultrasonic technology: perfect cleaning thanks to high frequency sound waves.
The machine is able to reach any cavity: the ultrasonic system allows for removal of soil even from the toughest components to clean. Thanks to the ultrasonics, the solvent is able to penetrate capillary holes thus ensuring that soil is removed by the mechanic action generated by the high frequency sound waves. These high frequency sound waves, produce the “cavitation” effect which is extremely effective in surface cleaning operations.

Reduced emissions in the air: respect for the environment and benefits for the end-user.
The machines are safe and reliable as far as the environment protection is concerned.
The peculiar closed circuit solvent condensation system is able to reduce at the minimum solvent losses to the atmosphere.

High productivity
The machine can treat one or more baskets per cycle which translates into a very high productivity, especially if the machine is fitted with an automatic loading/unloading system with the possibility to have a buffer at loading and unloading positions.