Multitank systems mod. KOMBI

Multitank systems mod. KOMBI

The Kombi multitank washing systems are the result of continual research and include all those technlogical innovations which allow:
  • to respect the most severe antipollution and accident-prevention standards;
  • to comply with the most selective technical cleaning specifications;
  • to execute quickly and easily ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • a custom design, taking into account the individual problems of overall size , productivity and automation
  • the optimisation of consumptions
  • a great homogeneity of washing results, thanks to innovative purification, backwashing and closed-circuit filtering systems which can be applied direct to the machine.

The systems are designed in modular way and characterized by:

  • set for possible connection to water treatment systems
  • electrical connection, multipolar connector type with multiwires cables for fast coupling/releasing
  • possibility of any integration, addition or modification (e.g. U/S application - heating - automatic cover - skimming ramps, etc.)
The most sophisticated systems allow:
  • waste residues to be drastically reduced
  • very pure rinsing water to be obtained with excellent final washing results

Drying is executed with specially studied systems according to the characteristics of materials be treatedour standard production includes following types drying:

  • with hot air and recirculation
  • with forced cold air (push-pull system)
  • vacuum
  • at low temperature with humidity condensation

The system is composed of:

it can be equipped with:

and it can be completed with: