Monochamber washing systems Mod. LS

Monochamber washing systems Mod. LS

Designed to meet:

  • quality washing
  • low functioning cost
  • respect for the enviroment
  • the smallest dimensions
  • use of piece-holding baskets easy to find in the market
  • silent running
  • safe use


Cleaning is assured thanks to the synergic use of:

  • high-pressure spray wash;
  • immersion wash;
  • combined spray and immersion wash;
  • high-turbulence immersion wash (HT);
  • hydrokinetic (HC);
  • ultrasonic washing with vacuum (USV);

The use of appropriate detergents results in perfectly grease-free items and the temporary protection of your machine against rust.


Drying can be obtained by:

  • air blowing by a fan, room temperature or heated by heating unit;
  • condensation by autonomous cooling unit, that guarantees the pieces to exit at room temperature so immediately touchable;
  • vacuum drying system, that permits the perfect drying also for pieces that present capillarity problems.


The movement of the basket inside the machine can be so executed:

  • 360° rotation around the horizontal axis, for systems working by immersion and spray;
  • tilting managed by inverter and direction changer;
  • 360° rotation around the vertical axes, for spray systems;

Handling and loading/unloading systems are easily integrable in all the types of system, same is for water treatment systems (mechanical oil skimmers, settling tanks, filtering systems).