Industrial water-based washing plants: types and applications


Industrial water-based washing plants: types and applications

There are different types of water-based industrial washing plants, each with its own characteristics, depending on different production requirements.

In this article we are going to discuss the various types of existing water-based washing plants. Then we will present the systems proposed by D.B.M. Tecnologie, their advantages and possible applications.

Industrial water washing machines: the different systems

Water-based washing is a process used in many industrial sectors. Hence, the choice of the most suitable plant depends on the type of processing, the organisation of the production system, the quantities of handled parts and the field of use.

Here are the main types of water-based industrial washing systems available on the market.

  • Multitank systems: designed to manage multiple washing cycles. This versatility makes them ideal for high production environments or where it is necessary to process different types of parts simultaneously, optimising time and increasing production efficiency.
  • Single chamber systems: with a more compact configuration, they are particularly suitable for companies with limited space and less demanding productivity requirements. This type of water based washing system is designed to process parts contained in rotary baskets, guaranteeing high standards of cleanliness.
  • Washing tunnel: used to wash parts that require a thorough and uniform cleaning. This type of system allows the parts to pass continuously or step-by-step through a series of washing, drying and additional treatments.
  • Rotary table systems: they operate with a sectoral movement of the tables on which the parts to be washed are placed. This type is particularly suitable for complex components cleaning.

In the next section we will present characteristics, advantages and applications of the different water-based industrial washing systems designed and manufactured by D.B.M. Tecnologie.

DBM industrial washing systems: features and advantages

D.B.M. Tecnologie washing systems and plants are versatile, adaptable to the different needs of clients and capable of delivering quality results even in sectors with more restrictive specifications. This is also valid for our water-based washing systems.

The KOMBI model multi-basin washing systems, for example, comply with the most stringent regulations for safety on work and environmental sustainability, guaranteeing excellent cleaning results. In terms of flexibility, this type of plant allows:


  • choosing the drying system according to the material to be processed;
  • having a wide range of additional equipment, such as suction systems, water purification, automated management;
  • integrating the machinery with areas dedicated to further treatments: pre-washing, oiling, surface treatments.

The LS single-chamber industrial washing systems also allow environmentally friendly and safe cleaning. In addition, they can be installed in limited spaces, thanks to their compact dimensions, and allow efficient and economical operations.

  • In single-chamber systems, the combined use of several cleaning systems ensures excellent results.
  • Here too, the most suitable drying system can be chosen.
  • The system can be integrated with automation and water treatment systems.

Spray washing tunnels are also small in size but have extremely advanced features:

  • excellent cleaning even for difficult parts;
  • maximum automation and integration in the production process, both for interphase and final washing;
  • drying system designed according to the material to be treated;
  • reduced consumption and noise;
  • homogeneous washing results thanks to technological purification, filtering and de-oiling systems.

Highly efficient integration with production processes is also a feature of D.B.M. Tecnologie industrial rotary table washing systems. The washing system can be fully customised for:

  • frequency and type of foreseen operations;
  • integration with advanced handling, loading/unloading and filtering systems;
  • choice of system type: single-stage or multi-stage.

The result is an effective and precise cleaning, even in the hard-to-reach places.
As we have already seen in one of the last articles, some of D.B.M. Tecnologie water-based washing systems can be suitably modified and used to treat and pre-treat metal surfaces. Among the pre-treatment operations that can be carried out, we particularly highlight the pre-sputtering and pre-PVD treatments.

The fields of application for D.B.M. Tecnologie water-based industrial washing systems are many. This is not surprising, as our washing systems are designed and manufactured to suit the specific needs of companies.

Some of the most frequent areas of use include, for example, the automotive and mechanical engineering industries in their various forms, the fashion and luxury accessories sector, including eyewear and jewellery, and advanced areas that require excellent cleaning standards, such as the medical and pharmaceutical and the aerospace industry.

If you are looking for a water-based cleaning system that perfectly meets your company needs, contact our team: we will plan it, defining with you the cleaning system, the technical characteristics and the structure according to the results to be obtained.

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