Phospho-degreasing: when and why to use it


Phosphodegreasing: when to use it and why

In this article we are going to deal with the phosphodegreasing process, explaining what it is, how it differs from other pre-painting treatments and what are the advantages of using it.

Then we will present the systems proposed by D.B.M. Tecnologie for phosphodegreasing, their characteristics and advantages.

Phosphodegreasing: what is it?

Phosphodegreasing is a treatment preceding the painting phase and aimed to protect the surface of the object from corrosion. A phosphate-based cleaner, which combines degreasing and phosphating action, is used to clean the parts to be painted. 

Phosphate degreasing is less aggressive than other pre-treatment techniques we have already discussed. In particular, it differs from phosphating.

Phosphating is a pre-painting treatment that consists in applying a layer of phosphate to the surface of the object. The base solution of the phosphate varies according to the situation and can be, for example, made of iron, zinc or manganese depending on the requirements and the type of metal to be pre-treated.

It is a multi-stage process:

  • workpiece cleaning;
  • application of the phosphate layer and the start of the chemical phosphating reaction. In this phase, variables such as temperature, activator intervention, control of the degree of acidity of the phosphate, and application pressure affect the process;
  • rinsing phase, to remove any residue;
  • drying phase.

The steps involve the application of different cleaning, treatment and rinsing products. In addition, phosphating requires operators’ specialised skills: the chemical reaction driving the process is time-varying and must be kept constantly in balance to avoid unbalancing.

Regarding the purpose to be achieved, phosphodegreasing is similar to phosphating. It is a pre-painting treatment that protects the metal surface from corrosion, too. But:

  • as we said, its technique is less aggressive and milder. The desired effect is achieved in combination with the subsequent painting phase, since the covering paint also has anti-corrosive properties.
  • phosphodegreasing uses a single product that combines a degreasing and phosphating action.
  • process is easier to manage and keep in balance.

Moreover, as we will see in the next paragraph, the systems used offer significant management and economic advantages.

Technologies and applications

D.B.M. Tecnologie designs, builds and installs phosphodegreasing solutions that stem from an evolution of industrial washing systems

In line with our corporate vision, we create systems that meet the client’s production and organisational needs with maximum flexibility. 

Phosphodegreasing systems require:

  • minimum maintenance;
  • lower energy consumption than phosphate systems;
  • a lower upfront investment and final wastewater management.

The plants proposed by our company are also extremely flexible to the pace production cycle. Depending on the client’s needs, in fact, they can be built with different technical devices, to suit different production rates and volumes.

This is possible thanks to advanced automation systems, such as those incorporated in our multitank and mono-chamber industrial washing plants

The advantage of using automatic technologies to handle phosphodegreasing also results from the greater simplicity of the process, which, as we have said, requires less control than phosphating.

Phosphodegreasing systems produced by D.B.M. Tecnologie are mainly used in the pre-painting treatment of metal components such as automotive brake discs. Once phosphodegreased, brake discs are transferred to paint booths for the application of the covering paint.

Further applications include the pre-treatment of oxidizable components, such as:

  • interior and exterior furniture components;
  • axles and transmission elements in the automotive and mechanical sectors;
  • household appliance components;
  • automotive components.

In all areas of application, our phosphodegreasing plants ensure excellent results and more efficient process management, at reduced time and costs.

Do you want to learn more about it? Contact the D.B.M. Teconologie team and tell us about your needs: we will find with you the best solution for your company.

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