Metal deburring: what it is for, advantages of pre-water deburring


Metal deburring: what it is, what it is for, advantages of water deburring


In this article, we are going to talk about metal deburring, explaining what it is and the main techniques used in this field. 

Then we will focus on water jet deburring as a treatment that, combined with other metal deburring techniques, improves the results. Finally, we will present the advantages of the plants designed and manufactured by DBM Tecnologie for water deburring.


The different types of metal deburring


Metal deburring is a frequent procedure in industrial processes. 

It is designed to remove irregularities and imperfections from the surface of processed metal parts during production.


Such residues can cause mechanical snags or safety problems for the operators handling them. A badly removed burr, for example, can:


  • come loose and clog channels, pipes or internal edges close to the metal component that is not perfectly burred, when installed in a plant or machinery;
  • injure the person using or handling the part.


Metal deburring techniques have been created precisely to avoid this kind of inconvenience. 


Some of the main deburring methods used are:


  • TEM (Thermal deburring). This method uses heat to soften and remove metal burrs formed during processes. It is particularly effective on heat-sensitive materials. 
  • ECM (Electrochemical deburring). It removes metal burrs through an electrochemical process. This technique is more accurate than thermal deburring. 


A third type of technology used for metal deburring is water jet deburring: this is a process that uses the high pressure action of water to remove residual burrs from metal components.

Due to its non-invasive nature, water deburring is particularly suitable as a preliminary treatment or combined with other deburring processes, improving their effectiveness.


DBM Tecnologie designs and manufactures advanced water jet deburring and flushing systems, offering solutions tailored to the specific needs of its customers. In the next section, we will present them in more detail, highlighting their benefits.


The benefits of water jet deburring: DBM Tecnologie plants

We are aiming to explain all the benefits of our water-based metal deburring systems in a concrete and operational way. Therefore, we are going to talk about them as efficient systems to overcome the limitations and problems of TEM or ECM deburring processes.


  • The thermal deburring process can, in some cases, generate metal residues that must be removed. The water or flush deburring systems offered by DBM Tecnologie are able to do this effectively. For example, our Titan deburring plant removes fine burrs and swarf even in the hardest-to-reach places.
  • Electrochemical deburring, on the other hand, may not be completely effective in the case of larger metal burrs. Consequently, water-based metal deburring is used to reduce the initial size of the burrs to be removed, so that a subsequent electrochemical deburring process can remove them completely. Our Mercury model plant with anthropomorphic workpiece handling robots, for example, allows working on various metals: cast iron, aluminium and steel, amongst others.


Due to the action of chemicals or high temperatures, TEM and ECM metal deburring processes also act on the metal workpiece by changing its colour. This problem does not occur with water-based deburring process.


Finally, the technical features of our deburring systems facilitate maintenance operations. In the Saturn system, as in all the models mentioned above, the components have been positioned to ensure ergonomics and compliance with safety requirements.


As we have seen in our article dedicated to flushing, the systems designed and manufactured by DBM Tecnologie find application in various cleaning operations, such as the cleaning of pump bodies or brake calipers and hydroguides in the automotive sector.

Deburring and flushing can also be combined with other cleaning operations, resulting in increased efficiency and time and cost savings. For example, it is possible to create hybrid plants, in which deburring is combined with industrial washing operations.


Want to know more? Contact our offices and find out how you can integrate our metal deburring systems with your company's processes and operations in a flexible and efficient way.

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