Industrial washing systems: what they are, advantages and applications


Industrial washing systems: features and applications
Industrial washing systems are specific machines used for cleaning objects, products and components in different production sectors.

In this post, we will talk about their work and characteristics. Then we will look at their different applications and the washing solutions proposed by DBM Tecnologie.

Industrial washing plants: what they are
Industrial washing plants use different techniques to ensure a thorough cleaning of objects and the removal of contaminants, even in advanced sectors. Among the different types of industrial washing plants, we highlight the following.

Water-based washing plants: they use water as the primary solvent to remove dirt, grease and other surface contamination. The water is usually combined with cleaners or additives to improve the effectiveness of the process.
Low-boiling solvent washing machines: they use chemical solvents with a low boiling point, below 50°C. The use of solvents makes it possible to effectively remove oily and greasy contaminants from heat-sensitive materials without causing damage.
Modified alcohol industrial washing systems, which use modified alcohol as a cleaning agent: a substance that is effective in removing dirt, oils and grease.
The choice among the various cleaning methods depends on the specific needs of the company and the nature of the materials to be treated. We are going to discuss it in the next paragraph.

Advantages and applications of washing systems
To every washing need, the right plant. The different types of industrial washing we have talked about have different applications in terms of sector, type of cleaning required, and technical features.

Water washing is useful for cleaning polar contaminants (dirt, residues, etc.) that are soluble in water. It finds application in sectors that require a more thorough level of cleaning or higher specifications, such as in the medical or aeronautical sector. It is used for more complex processes such as pickling, etching and processes that use chemical agents.

For dirt, residues and other non-polar, non-water-soluble contaminants, solvent washing is used. The washing agent is not subject to decay over time and is continuously distilled. Consequently, it does not need to be changed during the process, as it maintains its effectiveness from beginning to end. Furthermore, this technique does not involve disposal and reduces the associated operating costs.

Modified alcohol washing is a subcategory of solvent washing. However, unlike low-boiling washing, it operates at temperatures above 100°C and works in a vacuum to lower the boiling temperature reached in the process. In addition, this washing agent is more economical than others.

Each type of washing can have different applications. For this reason, the DBM Technologies team follows customer companies with a consultancy approach, identifying the type of system according to the needs of each sector, product and type of processing.

DBM Tecnologie solutions
DBM offers solutions for all three types of washing. We want to support our customer in the choice of the best machine to meet his needs or solve his problems effectively and sustainably.

Here are all the elements we take into account:

material properties, such as delicacy, tolerance to high temperatures, susceptibility to oxidation, etc.;
geometry of the part;
final quality and degree of cleanliness required;
type of contaminant present;
productivity in relation to the quantity of parts to be washed. Some of our solutions allow continuous washing, with high productivity. Others, such as modified alcohol washing, have rather long waiting times;
space available for machine installation.
To every need, its own washing system. For the eyewear and accessories sectors, as well as for the jewellery and watchmaking ones, we offer solutions that guarantee the absence of residues and stains, with customisable cycles. In this way, surfaces are ready for painting or subsequent PVD treatments.

In the medical sector, the washing quality must be perfect, but we also take care of the drying phase in detail, to avoid the formation of bacteria. For washing die-cast components in the automotive sector, we offer tunnel or rotary table washing.

DBM Tecnologie systems include, for example:

KOMBI and LS ultrasonic washing systems, systems that ensure excellent productivity and quality results in terms of cleanliness, even in complex washing processes;
Fluomatic, a low-boiling vacuum washing system with low running costs and high productivity;
NYX, modified alcohol washing system with small footprint and low pollutant emissions.
Are you looking for a customised system for your company's specific washing needs? Contact the DBM Tecnologie team and tell us what you need. We will find with you the most suitable solution.

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