Industrial spray booths: operation and types


Industrial spray booths: operation and types

Industrial spray booths are a type of equipment that is widely used in various manufacturing sectors. These systems provide a controlled and safe environment for the application of coatings on a broad range of materials.

As automation technology and environmental awareness have advanced, spray booths have become increasingly sophisticated. Today, the most modern equipment allows high quality results with a reduced environmental impact.

In this article we are going to describe the different types of industrial spray booths and then illustrate the advantages of the systems offered by D.B.M. Tecnologie.

Industrial spray booths: what they are

Industrial spray booths are closed systems designed to apply paint coatings to metal, wood, plastic and other materials.

This type of equipment is used in various fields: the possibilities vary depending on the characteristics of the equipment itself. For example, thanks to technical devices that effectively reduce atmospheric emissions, D.B.M. Tecnologie spray booths are also suitable for use in so-called "clean rooms": chemical, medical, mechanical or electronic laboratory environments where the air must be kept extremely pure.

Thus, there are different types of spray booths, each with different specifications and applications. A first distinction can be made between dry spray booths and water-based spray booths.

  • Dry spray booths: this type of booth uses air filters to capture paint particles suspended in the atmosphere, providing a safer working environment and reducing the risk of pollution.
  • Water curtain spray booths: water curtain booths utilise a thin layer of water on the back wall to capture paint particles, minimising the emission of vapours and solvents into the surrounding environment.

Depending on the type of design and construction and the customer's requirements, the booths can use different painting systems:

  • liquid spray-painting;
  • painting by electrostatic guns.

Liquid spray-painting solutions use spray systems to apply liquid paint to materials, ensuring a uniform coverage and a high-quality finish.

Spray booths using electrostatic guns apply an electric charge to the paint, allowing a better distribution of the coating and reducing waste.

As we were saying, fume abatement systems are in operation inside spray booths to reduce atmospheric emissions, protect the health of operators and contribute to environmental sustainability: we will go into this in more detail in the next section, dedicated to the spray booths produced by our company.

D.B.M. Tecnologie spray booths

D.B.M. Tecnologie industrial spray booths, both water based and dry, are designed and manufactured with specific technological devices that make them absolutely necessary in a modern, organised paint system.

Our design solutions allow for versatility, automation, safety and environmental protection. Specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized productions, our spray booths are equipped with a four-stage paint abatement system.

This innovative mechanism guarantees an extremely efficient painting process in strict compliance with atmospheric emission limits. For example, it is precisely the presence of the water film in water-based paint booths that allows for the effective abatement of paint fumes.

Our systems use solvent-based (the most common) or water-based paints: in both cases, they are designed to be ATEX compliant in the area of application. This means that the plants incorporate devices that protect operators, machinery and the working environment from the risk of explosion and fire.

D.B.M. Tecnologie industrial spray booths can provide:

  • manual control of the parts loading and unloading process;
  • automatic control of parts to be painted, in the most advanced versions.

Especially, DAV model automatic paint booths are pit booths. These are rather compact booths, equipped with advanced automatic systems that allow the workpiece frames to be loaded from above and achieve a flawless paint job.

Our industrial spray booths find application in various production sectors:

  • Automatic spray booths handle painting processes mainly for fashion, eyewear, small parts and electronic components. In these sectors, the parts to be painted are small in size or have a more complex shape. Consequently, a painting system capable of achieving high quality results even on difficult parts is required. Thanks to PLC control and electronic controllers connected to the inverters, the operator can select the most suitable painting cycle, set the travel speed of the painting unit and the frame speed. Lastly, automatic industrial spray booths allow for the pre-loading and setting of customised painting instructions, according to customer specifications.
  • Manual spray booths, on the other hand, find application in the glass and lighting sectors. In these areas they are used for touch-ups, decorations and to accommodate particularly bulky parts or parts that cannot be handled in rotation.

Would you like to know more about the painting systems offered by D.B.M. Tecnologie? Contact our staff and ask for an appointment.

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