Trickling impregnation systems Mod. GEMINI TK

Suitable for the application of impregnating resins on stators and electrical windings, impregnation systems can totally penetrate the stators slots through the trickling process.
Thanks to the dripping system combined with the rotation of the component at a controlled temperature, the resin fill the space between the copper filaments, the entire process is completed with the application of a gel coat at the end of filaments in order to totally seal the welds.
The process is typically composed of:
- Pre-heating of the piece
- Application of the impregnating resin on the rotating piece by trickling
- Stator thermal jump for gel coat application and resin polymerization
- Gel coat application for welds final sealing
- Final curing
The machine can be customized, from a single treatment chamber to more complex lines depending on the required takt time and with components handling by an anthropomorphic robot. Times and settings of the treatment phases can be completely configured and managed by a PLC.