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Washing plants mod. QUADRASONIC

DBM Tecnologie Srl introduces its ultrasounds washing in continuous tunnels , suitable to guarantee excellent results to solve your washing problems on long pieces ( chains , through panels , tubes..) or on small size pieces's tense cycle production , thanks to the use of the sound wave’s technology , developed by DMB Tecnologie through a twenty years experience in the industrial washing field.

Thanks to the innovative 3D Cad parametric system , the washing tunnels Mod. Quadrasonic , are designed in a modular way , with standardized elements , allowing a short-time’s realization in compliance with the most exigent and restrictive accident prevention and anti-pollution’s rules in force , and able to meet the most specific selective cleaning’s techniques giving homogeneous washing’s results.

All plants are manufactured taking in consideration every problem of encumbrance or productivity , consumptions ’s optimization , with arrangement to possible water’s treatment systems , electrical connections with quick connector to allow implementations or changes in the future.

Thanks to a unique block of medium dimensions and easy maintenance , these plants can guarantee a costant and homogeneous washing quality and are equipped with a huge dimensions buffer thank that allow a noticeable baths duration. The blowing system adopted, combines the mechanical action, due to air’s speed , to the warmth provided by Leister group in order to permit a good drying in a really small places.

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