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Ultrasonic cleaning machines

The new generation of ultrasonic cleaning machines we produce using sound- wave technology, guarantees uniform cleaness even for the most difficult items.

The ultrasonic system consists of :

  • a frequency generator
  • one or more piezoelectric or magnetostrictive transducers

Converting electrical energy from the generator into mechanical energy ( under the form of high frequency vibrations), the trasducers provoke "cavitation" in the washing liquid, i.e. areas of high and low pressure and consequently the dissolving and forming of very small empty bubbles making a stress of 100 kg/sqm.




The mechanical action of these small bubbles on the piece to be washed, combined with the chemical action of the detergent, produces considerable washing results.

The VU Range of cleaning machines are distingueshed by:

  • AISI 304 stainless steel tank
  • glass wool insulation
  • pre painted steel outer coating
  • eletric heating with AISI 304 stainless steel resistance
  • digital termoregulator
  • 2-way lever -operated valve
  • U/S power adjustment potentiometer
  • door with seal

In compliance with standard in force, the VU cleaning machines may be fitted with:

  • special soundproofing to reduce the noise level to the 80 dBa limit
  • electronic cycle timer
  • safety door lock
  • flanged or immersible trasducers
  • suction collar

The BLC range of cleaning mechines are istead for light-duty use (small laboratory shops, etc.) and the main features of this economical range are:

  • drawn tank emitters applied to the bottom
  • aluminium outer coating
  • pressed cover

The following optionals may be fitted:

  • heating
  • U/S power regulation
soundproofing is not envisaged

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