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High pressure deburring systems

The high pressure deburring systems produced by D.B.M. Tecnologie are designed to ensure the removal of hanging burrs and chips stuck in hard to reach areas, such as in case of intersected holes .
The deburring equipment with special nozzles made of durable material is placed on the wrist of a special anthropomorphic robot designed to resist in environments with large presence of water.
The pressure of deburring can reach 700 bar, allowing the application to a variety of materials such as cast iron, aluminum and steel.The indexed rotating table moves in 4 different positions inside the plant:
Pos. 1) loading/ unloading of pieces
Pos.2) deburring
Pos.3) general cleaning
Pos.4) drying

The flexibility of the system is guaranteed by the possibility of robot programming and the ability to handle different parts; a special tracking system is able to recognize the type of pieces that are loaded and to manage the selection of deburring robot program. The plant is completely realized in AISI 304 stainless steel.
All materials used are produced by major international brands.
Particular attention is paid to the facilitation of maintenance: component placement is designed according to the standards of ergonomics and safety.
The external box, that contains the high pressure pump, and the plant are soundproofed to ensure compliance with the regulations.

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